Tea Towel with London Icons souvenir gift in cream

by Victoria Eggs

Be proud of everything British and the iconic charms of London by the illustrator Victoria Eggs. This tea towel not only dries your hand in the kitchen but also features nostalgic symbolism of how it's like to be a Londoner. From the camera flashes of tourists everywhere to the random pigeon who decided to fly into the train station, these are all memories we share in common. Gift it to a fellow Londoner who will reminiscent with you on the joys of living in this Megacity. 

Description Length 21 cm, Width 13 cm. Full Length 76 cm, Width 48 cm. The material is 100% unbleached organic cotton with screen printed graphics. The packaging is made of card sleeve. Hand-made in Britain. Special Care Instructions - machine wash at 40°C.